ENEVU Cube LED Light
ENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED LightENEVU Cube LED Light

ENEVU Cube LED Light

CUBE is a super-compact LED light source, with color mood-lighting and powerful white light.

IPX4 splash-proof and reliable for marine, campsite, road trips or other adventures

Three levels of soft white light, up to 100 lumens. Infinite (lockable) colors for any mood.

On the boat, BBQ or beach party, adding colour light makes a world of difference.

Simple yet packed with technology, CUBE provides softly-diffused lighting on the go

With a design highly optimized for simplicity and beauty, CUBE combines high performance and unmatched versatility with a timeless aesthetic. Inside, a great degree of engineering is accomplished within very small dimensions.

CUBE is shipped with fresh alkaline batteries inside. There is a battery insulator strip that needs to be removed before first use.
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2020 :  ENEVU Cube LED Light - Black Base 22.00

• Ultra-bright white light with 3 levels (High-Medium-Low)
• Color changing mode
• Color locking (select a color)
• Latest LED technology
• Lantern mode (with cover) & spotlight mode (no cover)
• Emergency flash mode
• Hanging hook (inside battery door)
• Detachable diffusor
• Single-button control
• IPX4 splash-proof, CE
• 3 x AAA Duracell batteries included
• Light output with cover :- High: 80 lumen • Medium: 16 Lumen • Low: 1 Lumen
• Light output without cover :- High: 100 Lumen • Medium: 20 Lumen • Low: 1 Lumen
• Runtime white light - High: 3hrs • Medium: 11hrs • Low: 100hrs
• Runtime color mode :- 11 hrs
• Runtime beacon mode :- 48 hrs, flash interval: 3ms/3s
• Product dimensions : W52.5 x D52.5 x H52.5 mm (2.05” x 2.05” x 2.05”)
• Product weight without batteries: 62g (2.18oz)
• Product weight with batteries: 97g (3.42oz)