Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight
Navisafe Tricolour 2nm NavilightNavisafe Tricolour 2nm NavilightNavisafe Tricolour 2nm NavilightNavisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight

Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight

Navi light Tricolour 360 2NM is a unique award winning design.
Combines water proof, 360 degree visibility with super bright LED light.
  • The double magnetic system means the light attaches on your clothes, on your boat, inside your cabin; everywhere you need a navigation light. Navi light TriColor 2NM gives ultra strong light 360, divided into three color zones. Red, Green and White. Navi light TriColor 2NM is made to be fastened almost everywhere, it is waterproof and will float if pulled from it its secondary magnetic fastening
  • The Navilight Tricolour 360 together with the Navimount base can be mounted directly to all Navimounts for example to the Navimount Rail onto the push pulpit or onto the Navimount Horizontal on the cabin roof.
  • The Navilight Tricolour 360 2NM w/Navimount Suction base is the ready to go Navigation light solution to be securely mounted on any kind of smooth and flat surfaces. The quick release suction cup releases with just one push of the lever so it can be stored quickly or mounted to another place or boat.
  • RAILBLAZA is a New Zealand based supplier of one of the most versatile and easy-to-use mounting systems for boats, ATVs, RVs or trailesr. The base of the Navi light has the form of a star and will fit directly in many Anchor Winches and Winches as well as to specially designed mountings, such as the Navisafe RAILBLAZA Sideport, the Navisafe RAILBLAZA Starport and the Navisafe RAILBLAZA Rail Mount

  • * US Coast Guard approved 2 NM
    * Weight: 155g (Unit including batteries)
    * Size: Height: 35mm Diameter: 50mm
    * Water proof:20 m
    * Batteries: 3 X AAA
    * LED: 5 Red, 5 Green, 6 White LED
  Price (inc. VAT)  
97-340 :  Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight w/Navimount Base 81.50
97-341 :  Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight w/Suction Base 84.95
97-305 :  Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight w/Magnetic Base 84.95
97-355 :  Navisafe Tricolour 2nm Navilight w/RailBlaza Base 81.50
5 Tri-Colour Modes

1. All on - Tri- Color Navigation light
2. Only White - Stern Navigation light
3. Red and Green - Bi-Color Navigation light
4. Only Red - Red Navigation light
5. Only Green - Green Navigation light