Navisafe Complete Dinghy Pack
Navisafe Complete Dinghy Pack

Navisafe Complete Dinghy Pack

The Navisafe Dinghy Complete is probably the most flexible and easy to mount pack of all lights and mountings needed to equip most inflatable boats up to 12m with Navigation lights in compliance with COLREG 72.

Comfortable storage in stow-away box during daytime or times of non-use.

Dinghy Complete is the perfect solution for all inflatable boat owners!

USCG Approval, 2 Nautical Miles

Contains: -
Navilight 360° 2NM
Navimount Vertical
Navilight Tricolor 2NM w/Navimount base
Navimount RIB with self-adhesive sticker
Stowaway Box - L = 385 mm, W = 115 mm, H = 80 mm
Weight (incl. stowaway box, without batteries): 1.290 g
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97-769 : Navisafe Complete Dinghy Pack 229.00
5 Tri-Colour Modes

1. All on - Tri- Color Navigation light
2. Only White - Stern Navigation light
3. Red and Green - Bi-Color Navigation light
4. Only Red - Red Navigation light
5. Only Green - Green Navigation light