Aqua Signal S40 Navigation Lights
S40 Port S40 Mast HeadS40 Bi-Colour

Aqua Signal S40 Navigation Lights

Aqua Signal S40 Navigation Lights are a robust family of navigation lights with a wide array of options for light beams and mounting.

Port Starboard & Stern for vessels less than 50 metres
Bi-Colour & Masthead for vessels less than 20 metres

MATERIALS and OPTICS : Polycarbonate Black, Shock resistant, non-corrosive, non-magnetic, seawater resistant. Fresnel Optics.

Full EU Wheel Mark Approval
IMO - USCG - CE - Inland Waterways

Side Mounted
Visibility 2nm (Masthead 3nm)
BAY 15d
25w For all coloured lights
10w For all white lights
  Price (inc. VAT)  
3505-19-6/7 :  Aqua Signal S40 Starboard 12v 73.00
3504-29-6/7 :  Aqua Signal S40 Port 12v 73.00
3502-09-6/7 :  Aqua Signal S40 Stern 12v 70.00
3503-396/097 :  Aqua Signal S40 Bicolour 12v 85.00
3501-09-6/7 :  Aqua Signal S40 Masthead 12v 75.00