Navisafe Heaplamp
Navisafe HeaplampNavisafe Heaplamp

Navisafe Heaplamp

The new Navisafe Headlamp contains all functions needed to make it the Sailor's first choice: a red light to preserve night vision, a white floodlight to light the whole sail, and an ultra-powerful distance light shining up to 70 m plus tilt function for exact and comfortable beam positioning.

Ultra bright Cree LED headlamp - 5 lighting modes incl. red light - IPX6 waterproof
Size: L = 63 mm, W = 37 mm, H = 31mm - Weight (net): 48 g

Modes / approximate burn time:
Red LED floodlight, 7 Lumen / 20 hrs
White LED floodlight, 14 Lumen / 14 hrs
White CREE LED distance light, 30 Lumen / 12 hrs
White CREE LED distance light, 110 Lumen / 8 hrs
White CREE LED flash light / 50 hrs
  Price (inc. VAT)    
97-220 : Navisafe Heaplamp 39.95